No Added Hormones, No Antibiotics Used | J&J Grassfed Beef
Cool Spring Farm is dedicated to bringing our customers delicious, all-natural meat. Become a CSA member to receive a monthly assortment of local, sustainably-raised meat at a great price.  Convenient pick-up locations in Berryville, Reston, and South Riding, VA. 

Our current CSA Memberships:

PALEO PACK:   Grass-finished beef, Steaks and Ground Beef. Pastured Pork Chops and Sausage, and all natural chicken.  Our most popular package!  

GRASS-FINISHED BEEF:  10 pounds per month. A combination of Steaks, Roasts and Ground Beef.     

CHICKEN ONLY:  5 Whole birds per month (Cool Spring Farm is not certified organic, however, we partner with another local Virginia farm to provide you certified organic chicken)